Mission in Action

Community and Volunteer Opportunities

The Office of Community Engagement may continue to share community and volunteer opportunities via email and my.ahu.edu. Students, faculty, and staff may choose to participate in these events at their own risk. AHU does not offer any assurances regarding the safety of these events. AHU does not provide PPE (masks, gloves, gowns) at community and volunteer events. AHU cannot assure that safe social distancing will be maintained at any non-AHU event in the community. Use good judgment and caution when considering opportunities to serve.

Giving Back and Serving the Community

Live out your passion to help others while enhancing your education. You’ll get the chance to take the knowledge and skills you’ve learned in the classroom and put them to use in the community. With service incorporated directly into your classes, you’ll have the opportunity to work in local health clinics providing free care to those in need, to teach healthy habits to local children, and more. This unique opportunity will not only deepen your knowledge, but will allow you to make a difference in the lives of others.


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Hours of Faculty Service to the Community

Mary Glenn Burke

“The service-learning experience not only gave me the opportunity to give back to others, but it also helped me discover what career path I wanted to follow within the healthcare industry.”

Mary Glenn Burke, Occupational Therapy Assistant program