Bachelor of Science in Conductive Education


Quick Facts

Application Deadline
June 15
Program Start
Fall Trimester
GPA Requirement
Minimum 2.70
Admits per Intake

About the Program

The Profession

Conductive Education is a developmental method to teach everyday life skills to children and adults with motor disabilities. It teaches the participants how they can take an active part in life by using and improving their skills to their maximum abilities. The objective of Conductive Education is not to directly change a certain disability, but to integrate and coordinate various functions. Conductive Education covers all aspects of human development—physical, cognitive, communication, language, social and emotional.

The Program

The Bachelor of Science in Conductive Education (BSCE) program is a 4-year program consisting of 2 years of general education coursework followed by 2 years of conductive education concentration including clinical experiences during 4 trimesters. The goal of the program is to graduate professionals who are educated in the health and learning needs of individuals with motor disorders, the principles of pedagogy, and liberal studies. These graduates will be trained to work as conductor-educator specialists in conductive education settings and in sites that assist individuals with motor disorders such as clinics and schools.

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