Health Sciences: Additional Details

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Applicants and students of the Health Sciences Program should be aware of the following:

In order to progress in the Biomedical Sciences program students must:

  • Maintain a 2.50 GPA
  • Complete all required science didactic, labs and health science core classes with a C or better

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences is dependent on students completing:

  • A minimum of 124 credit hours with a 2.50 cumulative GPA or better
  • The prescribed course of study with a minimum of 42 upper division credits
  • At least 86 residency hours, unless the student has an earned college degree previous to enrolling at AHU. Degree-holding students will require a minimum of 36 residency hours.
  • Service learning requirements
  • A degree audit and submission of graduation application

We know nearly all professional programs expect applicants to have documented job shadowing experience. It's crucial for students to understand their intended career before committing their resources to a graduate program, and we encourage our students to take that opportunity for growth. When students arrange their own job shadowing to cater to their personal interests, it yields the most formative experience. We recommend our students begin job shadowing during his or her sophomore or junior years.


Hands-on experience dealing with patients is a virtual prerequisite for students applying for professional health care positions. We recommend upwards of 2,000 clinical hours, or the equivalent of one year's full-time work.


We believe living and learning on campus with us should be held in equal measure. Our students volunteer in the local community, embark on mission trips, and actively broaden their understanding of underserved populations, all founded on building a personal philosophy of healthcare as ministry within themselves and fellow students. Service learning opportunities are integral to the Biomedical Sciences major, connecting course objectives with service projects.


If you are planning to go to a physician assistant program, you will want to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Information about that test can be found at:


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