Conductive Education Certificate: Admissions

Admission Requirements

We take great pride in the rigor of our curriculum and our students' thirst for success. Setting the bar high in our program admissions requirements helps maintain those standards from the start. Admission to the program is competitive. Due to the limited spots available in the program, meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Students may be given preferential consideration for admission to the program when they have successfully completed 12 college-level hours at AHU.

Part 1: Apply to AHU

Before you can apply to the Conductive Education certificate program, you must first be admitted for General Studies at AHU. Remember: Being admitted for General Studies does not guarantee admission to the program. View General Admissions requirements →

Part 2: Apply to the Program

  • Submit program application

    Submit the Conductive Education Certificate Program Application. The application can be accessed at

  • Minimum GPA requirement

    Have a minimum college GPA of 2.70 (on a 4.00 scale). GPAs presented to the admissions committee for each applicant will be a cumulative record of all college-level work.

  • Recommendations

    Submit two recommendations on AHU Recommendation Forms. If an applicant to an undergraduate program has completed at least one trimester at AdventHealth University before being admitted to a program, one of the two recommendations must come from any AHU faculty member, adjunct professor, tutoring coordinator, chaplain, or academic coach/advisor. Special recommendation forms for this requirement are available in the Office of Enrollment Services.

    AHU Undergraduate Recommendation Form (PDF) →

  • Essay

    Write an essay explaining his or her interest in becoming a conductor and the reason for selecting a faith-based institution. The essay must be proctored and hand-written. It must include correct spelling and grammar, be completed in two hours, and be one to two pages in length. For proctoring instructions, call the Center for Academic Achievement at 407-303-7747 x 110-6413. Topics for the essay will be related to the field of conductive education, reflections of the student’s observations, the student’s aptitude toward the field, and what it means to attend a faith-based university. Questions to answer will be chosen at random by the essay proctor. Essays will be reviewed, based on content, spelling, grammar, and organization.

  • Observation hours

    Observation hours (minimum of 40) at a conductive education site is a requirement to admission in order to gain knowledge of the profession, required aptitudes, and physical demands of conductive education.

    Observation Hours Form (PDF)

  • Prerequisites

    Complete the following pre-requisites with a ‘C’ or better from a regionally accredited college within 5 years of the admission deadline:

    • Anatomy & Physiology I
    • Anatomy & Physiology II
    • Developmental Psychology

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