AHU Pre-Approved Consortium Transfer Courses

To better serve you, AHU has partnered with a consortium of like-minded accredited colleges and universities that share online course offerings in Acadeum.

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A course taken through this consortium is considered institutional credit and will impact your grade-point average just like any AHU course would. AHU is offering this option to you to assist you academically for reasons such as:

  • to repeat a course
  • to complete a course not currently offered at AHU but required for graduation
  • to increase your grade point average for eligibility to an AHU program
  • to guarantee that course will be accepted at AHU

AHU pre-approved these courses so you can be assured of the following:

  • financial aid will be applied to the courses
  • the course will count toward your residency, part-time, or full-time status at AHU
  • unlike transfer courses, consortial courses are included in your AHU cumulative GPA
  • tuition is the same as other courses you complete at AHU
  • there is no need for transient approval request

How to request an Acadeum course:

  • Students can log into the Acadeum portal and request approval for a course. Please be sure to enter in the comments section the reason for taking an Acadeum Course. This will help with determining your eligibility when reviewed by AHU.
  • AHU will review your course request through the Platform, while taking into consideration eligibility, and will either approve or deny the request.

Registration or withdrawal from an Acadeum course:

  • Please note: upon registration of a course in Acadeum you consent to payment of the course.
  • It is your responsibility to let AHU know if you have withdrawn from a course in Acadeum.

AHU students can access a list of pre-approved courses through Acadeum.

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