Seven Strategies to Relieve Academic Test Anxiety

When you have a big test coming up, it’s important to focus your energy on studying and getting your mind prepped. But, if you feel overwhelmed or have general anxiety about tests, that may be even more difficult for you to achieve. Try these preparation and relaxation techniques to help you take control of your feelings and get through your exams like a champ.

Inexpensive and Easy Tips for Self-Care

The term “self-care” may have you rolling your eyes because of its overuse and associations with nail painting or expensive spa days. But that just scratches the surface of what it means to care for yourself. Taking steps to care for your mental and emotional well-being doesn’t need to cost a lot of time or money – and it’s not just for ladies either, guys! Here are some easy, gender neutral self-care activities you can fit into your day for a few moments of stress relief.

Common Sleep Problems and How to Beat Them

So, how many of you feel like you never get enough sleep?

*every college student on the planet raises their hand*

Yeah, we thought so. Sleep has a vital impact on your health and happiness. Making sure you get enough sleep can boost your mental and physical health, leading to an overall better quality of life.

And if you think an all-night study session is the key to getting ahead of your coursework, think again. Multiple studies have shown that sleep deprivation leads to large drops in testing performance, not to mention putting you at a higher risk for health issues if it’s happening over a long period of time.

Being in college can be rough on your sleep, but we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you take control of your sleep, improve its quality, and handle early mornings if you’re not a morning person.

Due Dates Are Closer than You Think: Beating Procrastination

You just finished your morning classes and are home before noon. Relaxing on your bed you take some time to scroll through your social media feeds and ignore the Canvas notifications coming through the top of your screen. When it’s late evening and starting to get dark outside you motivate yourself to go to the gym for about an hour. Getting back to your apartment you begin a nice long hot shower. The suitemate in the next room hears you frantically gasp and turn off the shower. Running over to your computer you open it and begin typing. It’s 11:27pm and that research paper is due at 11:55pm.

Top 5 Tips for Physical Therapy Applicants

In honor of National Physical Therapy Month, let’s look at the origins of this dynamic profession. Within the United States, the inception of physical therapy corresponds with a growing need for rehabilitative services during the polio epidemic in the early part of the 20th century. This need increased during World War I, when injured military personnel returned home and the first physical therapists, initially called “reconstruction aides,” helped soldiers regain physical function through the US Army Office of the Surgeon General.

Must Download Apps for College Students

Open Google Play or the App Store and you’ll find literally thousands of options for apps to download from games to fitness trackers to finance management and more. Apps can be fun time wasters, or they can be practical, helping you manage all aspects of your life. We know that students, like nearly everyone now, use their cell phones to keep track of class schedules, stay in touch with friends, take notes, and more.

Student Using Phone

With so many apps available, some great ones may escape your notice. Or maybe you have an app on your phone right now that can be used in a way you hadn’t considered. I talked with students, asking about their most-used apps - the ones they couldn’t survive college without - and listed some of the most popular ones here along with some others recommended by our staff.

How to Prepare For a Hurricane

It’s official, hurricane season has started. We want to make sure our students are safe and prepared if a hurricane strikes. Many of you come from out of state or are living alone for the first time and may not know what to do in the event of a bad storm. So, we thought we would share some information on how best to prepare in the incidence of a hurricane.

Our Students' Favorite Study Spots

We all have a favorite place to study, though we all have different ideas of what constitutes a good location. Some people prefer a quiet space with no distractions, while others are okay with some noise. In this week’s blog, we are going to discuss some study spots on campus and nearby, as well as a few tips for studying, some of which were suggested by ADU students.

Starving-Student Tips: Christmas Events - Denver Edition

Ah, the holiday season! Family, presents, decorations... it is a wonderful time of year. Unfortunately, as most of us know, it can also be a very expensive time of year. This is especially true as college student with little to no wiggle room in the budget.

Fortunately, you can still enjoy the season by grabbing some friends and family and enjoying the abundance of holiday activities that Denver has to offer for little to no money!


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