Inexpensive and Easy Tips for Self-Care

The term “self-care” may have you rolling your eyes because of its overuse and associations with nail painting or expensive spa days. But that just scratches the surface of what it means to care for yourself. Taking steps to care for your mental and emotional well-being doesn’t need to cost a lot of time or money – and it’s not just for ladies either, guys! Here are some easy, gender neutral self-care activities you can fit into your day for a few moments of stress relief.

Wash Your Worries Away

Close up of shower drain with water.

When you’re busy or tired you might think about skipping or rushing through your shower, but you don’t. Treat yourself to some warm water and your favorite soap, you’ll come out relaxed and ready to move on with your next task. And you don’t need a special, expensive soap – just pick a favorite brand and a scent you enjoy.

Pace Your Eating

Two turtles share a leaf of lettuce over a plate.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that we forget to enjoy. If you love to cook, have fun and create take time cooking a new meal in your kitchen. If you aren’t feeling up to conquering a Mt. Everest of dishes tonight, order your favorite take-out.

Whatever you decide to eat, make a conscious effort to enjoy it and chew it a little slower. As a bonus this encourages mindful eating if you’re trying to be food conscious. But hey, that doesn’t mean put away the ice cream or grandma’s pie. It’s good to treat yourself sometimes too.

But Does It Spark Joy?

A person lays back on their bed with a mess of clothes around them and on the floor.

So, we need to talk about something - your room. Whether you normally keep it tidy or it’s been a wreck for weeks, it’s time to do a deep dive. Think of it as a time to rediscover what has been lost and provide some well-needed clarity. And it’s easier to think and focus when you’re in a clean environment.

When you come across things that you’re unsure of what to do with - Goodwill supports you (and so does Marie Kondo). Donating items you don’t use anymore will clear up space, plus it’s emotionally fulfilling to know you’ve helped others find more affordable solutions for their everyday needs. A sense of accomplishment and clearness will reward you for your organization. Admit it - you like your room better when it’s neat.

New Clothes, New Cut- Who Dis?

Person sifts through clothes on a rack.

If you’ve been wearing the same clothes for half a year, it’s okay to treat yourself to some new ones. New outfits make you feel super fresh and confident; those good vibes will carry you well throughout your day. Another thing that can make you feel good about yourself is something as simple as a haircut. You don’t need to make a drastic transformation, but a little change can boost your mood and make you feel refreshed.

Don’t worry about spending a lot of money either – hit up a local thrift store with some friends. Turn it into a fun day, hunting for bargain treasure!

The Company of Me, Myself, and I

Someone sits by a table reading a book with a cup of coffee.

Even if you aren’t an introvert, it’s good to spend some alone time to relax. Nowadays, the focus is on hustle and a “Go! Go! Go!” mentality, but everyone needs a break. Spend some time to reflect on your day as you write in a journal or make a list of all the wonderful things you accomplished today. In a world dominated by screens it would also be nice to stick your nose in a book for a change. Time for yourself doesn’t have to be accomplishing any specific goal. Going for a drive with no destination or just laying back and listening to your favorite music is also good for the soul.

We hope you take at least one new self-care tip from this article to add to your routine. But the most important thing to remember is that self-care is about what you need. Don't worry about friends posting their spa routines and talking about "living their best lives" on Instagram or Snapchat - whatever makes you feel good is key!

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