Spiritual Bytes: The Power of the Powerless

In the spring of 1980, Oliver deVinck died. At his birth, thirty-two years earlier, he appeared to be a healthy baby boy. What his parents didn’t know is that six months earlier, when his pregnant mother almost died from a gas leak, their beautiful baby boy lost the capability for sight and most of the abilities that one would expect to give life meaning and value. When advised to institutionalize him, Oliver’s parents said, “He is our son. We will take him home and love him, of course.” Of course.

The Pace-setter

As you may be well into the busyness of a new week, take a moment to consider the words of a familiar psalm, translated from Japanese into English by Toki Miyashina.

Black History Month: James Chiles

“Lift every voice and sing, till earth and heaven ring, ring with the harmonies of Liberty.” These opening lines to a poem were penned by James Weldon Johnson in 1899 and later adopted as the Negro National anthem served as an organizing principle in the life of James Alexander Chiles. James and his twin brother John were born to Richard and Martha Chiles in 1860. Their large family of eight children and two parents lived in Virginia.

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