Student Spotlight: Dilara Darbuga

We sat down with Dilara Darbuga, who is completing her dual-degree at AHU in nursing and radiography. She may be a familiar face to you as Dilara is active in campus ministries and even serves as the AHU housing chaplain. She's also Muslim and graciously spoke with us about her experience in coming to a college built upon a different faith system. We love meeting people like Dilara who represent the diversity and openness of our campus culture, and live as proof of why our mission is one that can inspire anyone who believes in the healing values of spirituality and uncommon compassion.

Student Spotlight: Anissa Kraybill

One of our favorite things about AHU is the diverse backgrounds of our students. We talked with Anissa Kraybill, who has lived a fascinating life growing up outside of the US with her missionary parents in Africa and France. Learn about her unique experiences after having spent a year living and studying in America.


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