Alumni Spotlight Denver: Samantha Richardson

This alumni spotlight takes us over to our sister campus in the "Mile High City" of Denver, Colorado! Say hello to Samantha "Sam Richardson, R.T(R), a recent Radiography grad now working at Porter Hospital as an Imaging Technologist.
Samantha Richardson photo

Name: Samantha Richardson
Nickname: Sam
Program: Radiography (Class of 2018)
Hometown: Melbourne, Florida
Favorite thing to do in your free time: Hiking and exploring
Favorite place to eat near campus: Maddie’s Cafe

Why did you choose Radiography as your major?

I have always been passionate about working in the medical field. I love being able to help others, and feel medical imaging is crucial in a patients diagnosis.

How did you find out about AHU and decide to attend?

I had intentions to move back to Florida and when looking up programs, I found AHU! I saw AHU offered a campus in Denver and decided to stay. Denver became a second home to me, and a place where I couldn’t leave the beautiful scenery and my family as well. AHU Denver was a smaller class size, which is something I prefer as well.

What do you like the best about AHU?

I really appreciated the classroom setting AHU Denver offered. It wasn’t like your average classroom at a large university. It introduced a new method of teaching to students through the Panopto recordings, and a chance to interact with the Orlando campus.

How did AHU prepare you for your current role at Porter Hospital?

At AHU, Porter was one of our clinical sites, so already knowing the flow of the hospital made the transition that much easier. The curriculum and how AHU approaches it towards their students made the field very easy to grasp and understand.

What has your experience since school been like as a radiography tech?

It’s been a little over a year since I’ve graduated from AHU, and since then I can easily say my confidence and overall knowledge of being an X-ray tech has been amazing! I’ve faced challenges, as well as commencements on my performance and couldn’t thank AHU enough for where I am today.

Any advice for new students?

Stay positive, be happy! At AHU, you are in good hands. The staff/university resources are always there for you - they are truly amazing people!

And, what’s a fun fact about yourself?

I’m an X-ray tech and have never broken a bone!

Congrats on your new job, Sam! Thanks for sharing your story with us.

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