Student Spotlight: Cassidy Camden

Our spotlight shines this time on Cassidy Camden. Both Cassidy and ADU call Orlando "home." Take some time to learn how she discovered ADU and how her experience has been since enrolling with us.

Name: Cassidy Camden
Nickname: Cass
Program: BS Nursing
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Favorite thing to order from NESS Café: Croissants
Favorite place to hang out on campus: The Library

Why did you choose the nursing major?

I chose Nursing because I enjoy helping people, I worked in customer service for six years and that just wasn’t the route I wanted to take. I have a lot of compassion for people and I’ve always taken on a motherly role towards others. I just feel like nursing is the best path for me. I also really love how much you can do with it. You can work with all different ages in different settings, you can travel, or anything you want, and that’s something that I really do love about the degree.

How did you find out about ADU and decide to attend?

Well, I was originally planning on going to Seminole State. I had all my pre-requisites and generals done and was ready to start the program, but I had just missed the required score for the TEAS. I was about 1% away from what they required, and I was going to have to wait another year before I was even able to take the TEAS again. I didn’t know what to do so, I was talking to my friend who was already in nursing school. That’s when she told me about ADU. I had never heard of the school before, so my friend helped me schedule a campus visit and even came on the tour with me.

I was super impressed right away, I talked with my enrollment counselor and she told me that I only needed two more classes and I was good to go. So, I applied to the school right away, took the two classes, applied to the program by the end of that summer and started the nursing program that next January. It was all super-fast, but it was really a sign from God.

Cassidy Camden at ADU
Cassidy at ADU's Garden of Miracles.

What do you like best about ADU?

I love how small the school is - the smaller class sizes make for a more personalized learning experience. I also really love the people here. At other colleges I’ve been to it’s hard to make friends. People just show up for class and then go home. They live their own lives, and no one cares to get to know one another. But at ADU it’s totally different. Even from the first day I came to tour the school everyone was so nice.

The professors are great, they really care about their students, and making friends here is so easy. Everyone talks to one another, and everyone gets along. It’s funny how well everyone fits together here. I think it’s important to have friends with you going through the same thing you are. Nursing school is tough, but it makes it a little better if you have people who are right there with you.

Any advice for new students, especially for students who are not from the Orlando area?

Get involved. It’s really worth the time and effort to get to know upper classmen. Be a part of Student Nursing Association (SNA) and run for an office on the SNA board. I am currently the Corresponding Secretary for the Florida Student Nursing Association and I love it. I have gotten to know so many people who I never would’ve met had I not gotten involved. Staying involved and getting to know the people around you are great ways to do well. It’s hard and tiring sometimes, but it’s so worth it and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being a nurse tech is also a really great way to get learning experience outside of school and clinicals.

Finally, what’s a fun fact about yourself?

I love to travel. I studied abroad for four months in London and I’ve been to England, France, Italy, and Denmark.

Thanks for sharing, Cassidy! Keep up the good work.

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