Student Spotlight: Jake Harris

Although many of our students stay on campus for their religion credits, some travel to get hands on experience in the Bible lands. Meet Jake Harris who was one lucky student to take this eye-opening trip.

Name: Jake Harris
Program: Biomedical Sciences
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
Favorite thing to order from NESS Café: Chicken Quesadilla

Can you tell me about where you visited on your class trip and how it was meaningful to you?

We traveled around Greece and Israel. This trip really brought a sense of reality to what I’ve been taught. I grew up Adventist my whole life. I’ve been reading the Bible since I was a little kid - having it read to me, Bible games, and Sabbath school. So, to visit these places I’ve read about since I was growing up brought reality to what I believe. Also our tour guides were phenomenal. They brought in ways to use deductive reasoning to understand where something happened and why it happened, and the significance of why it happened here.

What was one big thing you took away from this trip?

This goes to my favorite part of the trip. People are trying to change the world over there. Typically, when we think of those areas we think of third world countries. When I was in Israel I had the privilege of visiting a type of science fair. These high school-aged girls, around 14-15, came up with such great ideas. They built these prototypes that kind of inspired hope.

People are trying to change the world everywhere and it’s a breath of fresh air to see that because you get over here in America and we take things for granted. Some of the prototypes parts these girls were missing - we could get from the local Best Buy or Walmart. It was disheartening in that aspect but they pushed forward and that was inspiring. But it was impressive because they were trying to solve real world issues and they came up with a logical and efficient idea to solve it.

I had two favorite projects. The first one I liked because it was really relevant to where they were living. These girls were in Bethlehem and the idea was a kind of trash hydraulic compactor in every trashcan. Where she lives they take forever to pick up the trash so it’s always overflowing into the streets, and her idea was to use that to limit the space they use for trash.

Another project that was cool was from a girl with a deaf relative or classmate to create a pen that when a deaf person writes with it, it will verbally say what they are writing. These were inspiring since I couldn’t think of that and I have six more years of schooling than them. I would definitely recommend going on one of these school trips.

What do you like best about AHU?

Probably the size. I like to be able to know my teachers and have the ability to talk to them one-on-one when they’re available.

Why did you choose Biomedical Sciences?

I’m doing pre-medical because I want to be a doctor. I’m not sure what kind yet, I’ll figure it out when I get there.

Any advice for new students?

Don’t take 8:00 am classes. Never a good idea. Also, follow God - wherever He leads you is where you need to go. Be open-minded towards different things.

Any fun facts about you?

I’m part of Campus Ministries. I’ve been a part for two years now and I’m going to apply for this next year. I run the Friday night vespers here on campus called Restore. There’s food and worship. It’s at the Anderson House in the Summer and at Florida Hospital Church across the street during the year.

Thank you, Jake. It was amazing to hear how this journey brought the Bible to life for you and we hope many more students take that wonderful traveling opportunity!

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