Student Spotlight: Paige Scheffer

Though many of our students at ADU come from Florida, we have students who come from all over the country. Paige Scheffer came to ADU from California, and we spoke with Paige about how she made the decision to leave her hometown to attend a school across the country and how she has found a home here at ADU.

Name: Paige Scheffer
Nickname: Peggy, Pegasus, Página, Mouse
Program: BS Nursing
Hometown: Lodi, California
Favorite thing to order from NESS Café: Fries
Favorite place to hang out on campus: The Marketing offices, where I work.

Why did you choose the nursing major?

I choose nursing because I’ve wanted to be a nurse since I was a child. When I was young, I learned about Florence Nightingale, and I was inspired by her dedication and how she revolutionized patient care. As I read more about her, I knew I wanted to serve others in the same way Florence Nightingale was able to help so many people. I like being able to take care of people and being able to have a relationship with the patient, because I think healing comes from the people around you.

Since you’re from California, how did you find out about ADU and decide to attend?

My aunt is also a nurse, and she went to Southern Adventist University in Tennessee. At the time, there wasn’t a major hospital in Tennessee, so my aunt lived here for several months while she was doing clinicals at Florida Hospital. So I knew a little bit about Florida Hospital but I didn’t know there was a school here. In my freshman year of high school, ADU came to our school for a college fair.

In my senior year, my family and I flew to Orlando, along with my friend Juli, and we toured the school. We fell in love with ADU. I was excited about attending as I felt like ADU offered me independence since they have apartments that aren’t on campus and I would be able to live in a city. Those were two things the others schools I was looking at didn’t offer.

Paige at ADU
Paige and Juli visiting ADU in 2015

What do you like best about ADU?

I love the people and the environment. Everyone cares and is like a family here. I think the people who come here are very genuine. That dynamic is helpful being so far from home. Even when I don’t feel like I’m at home in Florida, when I come on campus for classes or work, I feel like I’m at home.

I like that ADU starts the nursing program after your first year of generals instead of after two years. I wanted to get in the clinical setting faster, because you learn so much in clinicals. Having clinicals early on also makes it easier to decide if nursing is right for you.

Even though Florida is very different from California. I think it’s a good idea for everyone to leave home and live in a new place that challenges you. You’ll surprise yourself with how much you grow.

Any advice for new students, especially for students who are not from the Orlando area?

Building relationships around you is important, especially if you’re coming from far away and can’t go home to your family when life is hard. That’s something I’ve always believed is important, and I’ve found it to be very beneficial. I can’t walk on campus without seeing someone I’m friends with.

If you have a passion for something and you hit a roadblock, like not feeling motivated or you don’t find the prerequisites interesting or you’re not sure what to do, stick to it and give it a chance. If you don’t, you’ll never know what you’re missing. Your first couple years of college might be difficult, especially since it can be hard to see the progress you’re making, so it’s important to push through because you’ll be able to see how far you’ve come when you look back.

Finally, what’s a fun fact about yourself?

I played piano for five years, violin for 7 years, flute for a year, percussion in high school, and I’ve always been in choir. Music has always been a huge part of my life.

Thank you, Paige! It was a pleasure speaking with you and learning about your journey to ADU.

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