Tuition Rates During the COVID-19 Pandemic

AdventHealth University (AHU) ranks among the most affordable private colleges and universities in the nation. The current tuition rates continue to apply for both remote learning and face-to-face instruction. The high value of a healthcare degree earned from AHU remains the same regardless of the learning method.

AHU understands the unprecedented effect this pandemic has on our learning community. AHU has been expanding online learning and advancing best practices in educational technologies for the last two decades. AHU is a leader in remote learning education that provides optimal online curriculum design, learning experience, and positive outcomes. AHU was well prepared to make a shift in the delivery of education without passing on the costs of technology to the student. The current pandemic is transforming the delivery of higher education and erasing long held assumptions about the method and quality of delivery.

Both remote learning and face-to-face instruction meet the following standards:

  • Classes are taught by highly qualified faculty.
  • Quality of curriculum and content is consistent.
  • Institutional learning outcomes are met.
  • Requirements of the degree offered are satisfied as specified by accrediting bodies.

AHU holds regional accreditation for both online and campus programs. The curriculum, content, and methodology must satisfy established learning outcomes. This is also true of program specific accrediting bodies that endorse remote education. AHU invested in additional technologies to move all classes to remote online learning. AHU continues to discover new ways to deliver remote education and follow best practices for courses that require hands on or face-to-face delivery.