Deportment and Dress


AdventHealth University is a Christian-based institution where each student, faculty, and staff is valued as one of God’s unique creations. These are evidenced by the way in which students, faculty, and staff converse and conduct themselves. Care should be taken to present oneself as a Christian professional; this can be achieved in part by avoiding cursing, inappropriate innuendos, and belligerent behaviors.


In keeping with the mission to educate healthcare professionals in a Christian environment, AdventHealth University requires that students not yet enrolled in professional programs dress modestly while attending classes on campus and dress professionally when representing the University in public. As students progress into professional programs, the dress code becomes more defined, requiring that students adhere to their program’s professional dress code as outlined in their department’s publications.

Modest Dress includes but is not limited to:

  • Garments that are made from opaque material (no see-through materials)

  • Shirt or blouse that covers midriff (no tank tops or spaghetti straps)

  • Skirts and dresses that come to or below the knee

  • Shorts that are at least mid-thigh in length

  • Undergarments that are covered

  • Proper-sized garments

  • Clothes in good repair

  • Clothes in good taste

Items to avoid:

  • Garments with inappropriate slogans or representations

  • Tight-fitting spandex-type garments (i.e. Leggings, biking shorts, etc.)

  • Clothes that do not completely cover cleavage and buttocks

  • Oversized, ostentatious earrings (body piercings should be covered and/or removed)

Professional Dress includes:

  • Suit or sport coat and dress slacks (for men)

  • Business suit (dress or pant) or a quality skirt and blouse ensemble (for women)

  • Collared shirt and tie (for men)

  • Dress shoes with coordinated socks (required for men) or nylons (optional for women)

Professional Program Dress: (see appropriate departmental dress code)

Faculty and staff members are empowered to speak with any student relative to his or her appropriateness of dress and/or deportment. It is expected that the student will follow such suggestions. Failure to follow given directives relative to dress and deportment may result in disciplinary action taken by the AdventHealth University Citizenship Committee.