Facilities - Denver

Nursing Skills Lab - Denver site

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The Denver Nursing Skills Center contains a variety of patient care devices and simulated care settings for nursing students to practice patient care skills prior to entering the clinical venue. Equipment used for teaching nursing care skills, such as monitoring vital signs and conducting health care assessments, as well as areas of simulated patient care, are available.

Low and medium fidelity adult manikins occupy five of the seven simulation-functional hospital patient care rooms complete with beds, bedside tables, over bed tables, and wall units containing simulated suction and oxygen. Of the seven adult mannequins, one is capable of giving birth to a low fidelity infant mannequin. In addition, there are three infant simulation manikins available, one capable of simulating special needs, and each with their own bassinet units utilized for experiential instruction.

Sonography Lab - Denver Site

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In the Sonography lab at our Denver site, there are multiple ultrasound machines from a variety of manufacturers simulating today’s real-world clinical settings. The lab has ergonomic chairs and easy-to-move stretchers as well as all the equipment and accessories needed to perform a multitude of exams. Multiple sonographic phantoms that simulate the human anatomy are utilized in the lab for hands on sonographic instruction.