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Graduation FAQs

Mother in graduation cap and gown hugging her children at home


Q. How do I register for tickets?

A. The link to register has been provided in the email that graduates received from Marching Order. Log Into Marching Order

Q. Do Graduates need a ticket to attend the ceremony?

A. Graduates do not need a ticket but will receive a GradPass that they will need to present to gain entry to the event.

Q. How many tickets is each graduate allowed?

A. Four tickets.

Q. Are children included in the four tickets allotted to each gradaute?

A. Yes. Four allotted tickets include adults or children over the age of 2. Children 2 years of age and under do not need a ticket, but must sit on an adult's lap

Arrival and Seating

Q. Where do Graduates sit during the ceremony?

A. Graduates will be seated with their class. Graduates of the same program will be seated in the same section, socially distanced.

Q. Can guests be seated as soon as they arrive?

A. No, all members of their party of four will be seated together after check-in. Seating will be provided for complete parties on a first-come, first-served basis. The "holding" of seats is not permitted. Members of your party who arrive separately will be seated separately.

Q. When will I be allowed to check-in and be seated?

A. Check-in and seating will begin 1 hour and 30 minutes before each ceremony start and will end 15 minutes before ceremony start. Doors and parking lot will close 10 minutes before ceremony start.View ceremony arrival and start time schedule.

Q. What happens if I or my guest arrives Late outside of the arrival window for my ceremony (listed on the graduation site)?

A. Late arrivals will not be allowed into the event. The parking lot will close 15 minutes prior to the event. In the event that this occurs, please note that the group will have the option to watch the livestream of each ceremony.

Q. Where can I find my arrival window?

A. The arrival window is located on the guest ticket and grad pass, and in the ceremony schedule. View ceremony arrival and start time schedule.


Q. Is there a specific place I should park?

A. Yes, all graduates and guests will park the event parking lots located on Minnesota Avenue and Clay streets.

Q. How early can I arrive?

A. You can arrive 1 hour and 15 minutes before the start of your ceremony. View ceremony arrival and start time schedule.

Prohibited items

Q. Will baby strollers or car seats be allowed?

A. No Strollers will be allowed. Car seats are allowed.

Q. Will there be flower sales during the graduation?

A. No.


Q. If I do not want to attend the in-person ceremony, how can I view the graduations?

A. Each graduation ceremony will be livestreamed via Youtube. The stream will be available at AHU's Youtube channel and the graduation home page on April 26, 2022.

Additional Help

If you need further assistance email ahu.graduation@ahu.edu