Biomedical Sciences: FAQs

We hope to answer all your questions about Biomedical Sciences, but if we miss something, contact us!

Q. How soon should I apply for this degree?

A. We recommend immediately applying upon acceptance into our General Studies program, as there are specific courses you need to get underway as soon as possible.

Q. Should I try to take only one science class at a time?

A. No, graduate and professional schools want proof that you are capable of success while taking multiple science classes at once.

Q. If I am planning on going to medical school, when should I start studying for the MCAT?

A. Begin preparation as soon as you start taking classes featuring MCAT content. We suggest studying for those classes the way you would prepare for that respective section of the MCAT, in addition to employing any study strategies your teacher prescribes for the course.

Q. When should I plan to take the MCAT?

A. Most students want to go straight from their BS degree to medical school. If you want to take that route, you'll need to take your exam the summer following your junior year.

Q. Is this degree just for pre-med?

A. No, but it does have a heavy concentration of pre-med sciences. Many students aspiring to enroll in pharmacy school or to a physician assistant program find this degree path a good fit.