A male nuclear medicine student conducting a PET scan

We Mold Critical Thinkers and Caring Leaders

Nuclear medicine technology education goes beyond the textbooks and arithmetic. Our courses prepare graduates for handling real-world situations with a human touch while upholding the highest professional standards. Once students complete our prerequisite courses, they enter the cohort as second year students and begin taking general education classes, with professional courses commencing during their third year. Students then divide their time between didactic courses and clinical rotations at various nuclear medicine and CT departments in the area.

A female nuclear medicine student preparing to scan a patient

Double Your Career Potential

We are thrilled to offer the only accredited B.S. Nuclear Medicine Technology program in the state of Florida, as well as the only program with Computed Tomography (CT) embedded in the curriculum.

*Successful completion of the nuclear medicine registry exam is required prior to CT certification testing post-graduation.


Nuclear Medicine Program Manual


The Nuclear Medicine Technology Student Supplement contains all the policies and procedures of the program. This includes information on the curriculum and the clinical component. All Nuclear Medicine students are required to abide by the policies in this manual

Course Info and Curriculum Sequence

Course descriptions, curriculum sequence, complete curriculum requirements,  and other detailed curriculum information can be found in our Academic Catalog.