• A valid government issued photo ID is required to take national tests (Driver's license, Passport, State ID). CLEP, TEAS, Remote Accuplacer, or a test proctored for a student from another college or university
  • An AHU Student ID may be used for Office of Disabilities Services or make-up testing for AHU courses.
  • All personal items must be secured in a locker (provided) during testing. This includes hats or clothing with hoods attached, outerwear of any type (jackets, coats, pullovers, sweaters, etc.), and digital and analog watches.
  • Testing aids prohibited in the test room include (but are not limited to): cell phones, pagers, electronic or photographic devices, pens, calculators, watch calculators, books, notes, rulers, dictionaries, food / candy, and beverage (unless otherwise noted in test instructions).
  • The only materials allowed on the computer workstation while testing are scratch paper, pencil, and calculator (if applicable).
  • You may not communicate with anyone (other than AHU staff) during testing.
  • Visitors are not permitted in the vicinity of the test room during your scheduled test.
  • Children are not allowed at the test site. Proper supervision of small children should be arranged off site prior to testing.
  • No talking or disruptive behavior is permitted inside the test room.
  • You must have the Proctor's permission to leave the test room.
  • Access to personal items, such as cell phones, backpack / purse, or study materials is not permitted during testing.
  • All scratch paper must be returned to the Proctor before leaving the room (unless otherwise noted in test instructions).
  • AdventHealth University (AHU) is a smoke-free campus.
  • AHU staff are authorized to dismiss you from a test session for violation of any test center policies, misconduct, or cheating.

Rescheduling, Missed Appointments, Cancellations, and Refunds

TEAS and CLEP cannot be rescheduled, missed or cancelled without losing your payment. No refunds for TEAS or CLEP. Other tests may be rescheduled with approval from your course instructor.

Inclement Weather

If AdventHealth University issues an official University closure on the Orlando Campus, the University Testing Center will be closed.

Disability Accommodations

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) works in collaboration with the University Testing Center (UTC) to ensure that reasonable accommodations are made for students with documented disabilities. Students with disabilities seeking accommodations for tests in the courses they are registered for through AHU will need to set up accommodations with the Office of Disability Services. Once the accommodations are approved and in place, any distraction free or extended time tests may be scheduled in the University Testing Center. To receive academic accommodations for enrolled courses, students with disabilities must be connected with the ODS office. Students should visit the ODS website for information about connecting with ODS and receiving accommodations for courses.