Associate of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography


Quick Facts

Degree Level
Associates Degree
Average Admitted GPA
3.29 Orlando; 3.5 Denver (2017 Intake)
2.70 minimum required to apply
Application Deadline
December 31
Program Start
Summer Trimester
Admits per Intake
Orlando: 11 cardiovascular, 16 general
Denver: 4 general

About the Program

The Profession

This field specializes in sound wave imaging techniques that produces computer-simulated displays. Sonographers might work at hospitals, physicians' offices, diagnostic facilities, or travel between practices as a contractor, assisting physicians in completing accurate examinations and providing images to obtain accurate diagnoses and treatment options. Sonographers interact frequently with patients, and are able to be part of a dynamic and ever-changing field.

The Program

Each faculty member in the department is a multi-credentialed, seasoned sonographer. Their relative specialties might overlap across numerous subfields, but all faculty members carry their own expertise, sharing their knowledge by instructing our students in their respective fields. Faculty members nurture our students' growth in the classroom, in the lab, and during their clinical rotations.

And the results are clear.

Cardiovascular Sonography Program Outcomes Cadiovascular Sonography Program OutcomesGeneral Sonography Program Outcomes - Orlando General Sonography Program OutcomesGeneral Sonography Program Outcomes - Denver General Sonography Program Outcomes - Denver

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