Physical Therapy: Additional Details

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Applicants and students of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program should be aware of the following:

In the first year of the program, students are introduced to faculty members’ research agendas. Each student ranks their interest in the individual projects and is then assigned to small groups to design and implement a research study, systematic review, or other scholarly endeavor over the remainder of the curriculum. Upon completion of the project, students will develop a manuscript that is formatted for submission to a student‐ and faculty‐selected journal for publication. As part of the completion of the project, faculty and students will develop a plan for dissemination of the project results, including an abstract of the work and a poster of their research for presentation at a University Research Symposium.


Each student will participate in a global learning experience designed to: assist in developing an understanding of Healthcare As Ministry, promote cultural competence, and expand knowledge of the physical therapist’s role in global health and wellness.


If you already have a Bachelor's degree but are missing some prerequisites, Post-Baccalaureate courses are available for you. Once admitted for Post-Baccalaureate studies, you'll be allowed to enroll in a minimum of 6 credits per trimester for up to one year in general education courses at AHU. Financial aid is available for up to one year.

Being admitted for Post-Baccalaureate studies does not guarantee admission into the program.

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