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Become a Leader in Physical Therapy Practice and Research

In our physical therapist program, we understand physical therapists do more than help their patients heal. They also participate in research projects that improve the field of physical therapy. That’s why you’ll not only learn the best practices for providing whole-human care, but also how to design, implement, and analyze research that you can publish and present to other professionals in the field.

Thanks to our small physical therapy classes, you’ll have many chances to collaborate with faculty and peers using some of the most cutting-edge PT equipment available today — including Anatomage tables for virtual dissection and the Nicholson Center for cadaver dissection, as well as anatomy models, various exercise equipment, and a gait analysis system.

Our Doctor of Physical Therapy faculty have decades of clinical and academic experience in physical therapy. Their expertise includes specialized fields such as neurologic disorders, orthopedic disorders, wellness, acute care, rehabilitation, pediatrics, and athletic-related injuries. This means that whichever career path in physical therapy you are interested in, you can find a faculty mentor who can assist you in becoming an expert and building a career.


Launch Your Physical Therapy Career

The physical therapy classes you’ll take at AdventHealth University will prepare you to become a leader in the field of physical therapy practice and research. By the time you graduate, you’ll have hundreds of hours working in simulation and learning labs, hospital settings, and rehab centers, as well as participating in research projects that you can then share with your colleagues to continue advancing the field of physical therapy.

As the domestic and international population continues to age, employment for physical therapists is expected to grow 17% by 2031 — according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s triple the average growth for all other occupations.

Because of the wide range of needs and the ever-growing demand for physical therapy, where you practice really is up to you. Physical therapists work in diverse settings, including: 

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Schools
  • Private clinics
  • Sports and fitness facilities
  • Corporate settings
The Results Are Clear

Physical Therapist Program Outcomes

When you graduate with a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Advent Health University, you’ll be part of a growing alumni network of physical therapists who excel in both clinical and research careers throughout the world.

The rigorous physical therapy curriculum that we’ve created prepares students to succeed when taking the licensure exams needed to practice as a professional. First-time and ultimate licensure pass rates for our physical therapy graduates are exceptionally high, and more than 90% find employment after graduating from the physical therapist program

Take the First Step. Start Your Application.

As you work toward your doctor of physical therapy degree, you’ll develop skills, make connections and learn to approach your care with the uncommon compassion demonstrated by Christ. In the AdventHealth University physical therapist program, your experiences will provide you with the training to confront any challenge you may face in your career of service. Get started on your application today.