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As the healthcare field continues its expansion as one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S., the need for visionary leaders in the field becomes more apparent. Learning to think strategically and innovatively, and anticipating future trends, will allow you to offer the type of leadership the healthcare field needs.

Popular Careers in Healthcare Administration

Earning an MHA-SI can help you advance your career or move into one of the more popular, highest-paying jobs in the field.

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    Chief Executive Officer

    Median Salary: $155,512

    Earning an MHA online can put you on track to a position as a CEO. You need more than experience to get to the top of the healthcare system today. You also need vision and smart decision-making to lead. That is why AHU’s online MHA program puts the focus on strategy and innovation. During your degree program, you will learn to develop prototypes and test new ideas to help spark innovation in the health industry, while working to advance in your career. Source.


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    Financial Manager

    Median Salary: $147,530

    If you want to work as a Financial Manager in a healthcare setting, earning your MHA can be the first step to take. As healthcare technology continues to advance and many health systems shift to being patient-focused organizations, there is an increasing need for leaders who understand how to reduce costs without sacrificing patient comfort and care.

    The role of Financial Manager requires strong financial management skills, the ability to assess and analyze risk, and budgeting skills, which you will develop while earning your MHA degree. Source.

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    Hospital Administrator

    Median Salary: $86,999

    #8 on CNN’s Best Jobs in America. Your MHA can prepare you for the role of Hospital Administrator. This role is responsible for coordinating each department in a hospital and for making sure that every area runs smoothly and efficiently. A key responsibility of Hospital Administrators is putting together a strategic plan for the institution’s future. The role of a Hospital Administrator can involve interacting with a team of physicians, with patients, and with other healthcare workers. Source.

How an Online MHA-SI Can Help Advance Your Career

During the course of your online MHA program, you’ll learn to apply modern concepts to help affect positive change and growth in several healthcare settings. The program’s courses closely examine the framework of the health system from a strategic and mission-based perspective. Topics covered include how to manage budgets and complete HR reports. AHU Online has partnered with a number of employers, including the AdventHealth Orlando Innovation Lab, GE, AstraZeneca, and Guidewell in the development of our MHA program. We are also connected to the 378 healthcare facilities that make up AdventHealthGraduates of the online MHA-SI program can:

  • Adopt new technology and create space for innovation.
  • Improve delivery of health services.
  • Provide strategic leadership in different health settings.
  • Promote a healthier society by addressing population health issues.
  • Form effective strategy that fuels positive change.

If you are ready to advance your career, learn more about AHU’s online MHA program today:

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