Diagnostic Medical Sonography: Admissions

Program Requirements

We take great pride in the rigor of our curriculum and our students' thirst for success. Setting the bar high in our program admissions requirements helps maintain those standards from the start. All are outlined below for you to begin your application.

We want students who respect their bodies and their futures in our community. In order to help uphold these expectations, students who test positive during our mandatory drug screening will forfeit their seat in the program.

A professional program fee will be charged to cover the additional costs of the sonography education. Please see the Fee Schedule in the Financial Information section of the AHU Student Handbook.

A student in the entry-level A.S. program must have a laptop computer that meets the University specifications.

Students entering the Sonography program during the Summer trimester are governed by the Academic Catalog of the Fall trimester of their year admitted.


English Composition I
College Algebra
General Physics I or Survey of Physics

Part 1: Apply to AHU

Whether you're a first-time college student or transferring from another school, you must first apply for General Studies admission at AHU. After you've been admitted for General Studies, you can then apply to a professional program.

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Part 2: Apply to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

Our students enjoy top-notch facilities, program curriculums, and complete access to our faculty. To ensure students the education they trust us to provide, we place an annual admissions cap on our Medical Sonography program, so that our incoming students won't have their resources at AHU stretched thin. Students who meet our admission requirements qualify for consideration to enter the Sonography program. Because of the competitive nature of the program's admission process, meeting minimum admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance. Students may be given preferential consideration for admission to the program, however, when they have successfully completed 12 college-level hours at AdventHealth University.

We do require that accepted applicants place a nonrefundable $200 deposit to reserve your program slot. Your acceptance letter will outline a deposit amount and deadline indicating when we must receive the deposit. Once enrolled in the program, these funds will be applied to your account. Those who paid the deposit, but decline to enroll in the program, will forfeit the deposit; if that student is admitted to the same program at a later date, AHU will require another full deposit. If an applicant is admitted to a program with requisites in progress and becomes ineligible for admission due to grades, however, a full refund will be provided. A professional program deposit is not transferable to another department.

  • Apply

    Please submit the AS Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Application once admitted to the University, accessible through my.ahu.edu.

  • Minimum GPA

    We require a minimum cumulative, unweighted high school GPA of 2.70 or 12 college credits from a regionally accredited college with a 2.70 minimum GPA—a cumulative record of all college-level work.

  • Prerequisites
    • English Composition I
    • College Algebra
    • General Physics I or Survey of Physics

    Applicants possessing a minimum of 12 college-level credits at Adventist University are competitive, as are applicants having completed the noted courses. Please recognize that all prerequisite courses must be completed before the program begins.

  • GPA Requirement

    Please present a 2.50 GPA or better in English, mathematics, and science courses.

  • ACT/SAT Score

    A minimum ACT composite score of 19 with an individual score of 19 in math, or a combined SAT score of 910 (rSAT: 990) with an individual 510 in math. Applicants with 24 or more credits from a regionally accredited college are exempt from taking the ACT or SAT.

  • Recommendation Forms

    Please submit two AHU Recommendation Forms. If an applicant to an undergraduate program has completed at least one trimester at AdventHealth University before being admitted to a program, one of the two recommendations must come from any AdventHealth University faculty member, adjunct professor, tutoring coordinator, chaplain, or academic advisor. Special recommendation forms for this requirement are available in the Office of Enrollment Services.

    AHU Undergraduate Recommendation Form (PDF) →

  • Essay

    Please submit an essay outlining your interest in becoming a sonographer, which track you intend to enter, and your motive in selecting a faith-based institution to further your studies. We would also like to know how your goals fit within the mission of the University.

  • Repeated Cognates

    We permit applicants to have repeated two (2) cognates, one time each, while remaining eligible for admission into sonography courses, including transfer credits. Applicants must have a grade of C (2.00) or better for required courses.

  • Interview

    You may be invited to attend an interview at an AHU site. Competitive applicants will be invited to attend an interview. Meeting minimum admissions requirements does not guarantee an invitation for an interview.


Not ready quite to apply? Check out even more details on the Diagnostic Sonography Program to help guide you.

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