Health Sciences: FAQs

We hope to answer all your questions about Health Sciences, but if we miss something, contact us!

Q. How soon should I apply for this degree?

A. Apply to join our academic community. As soon as you decide, we can best prepare you for your career.

Q. It looks like there are a lot of different courses to choose from. Who will help me decide?

A. You will be assigned a specific advisor within the program once you are accepted and whom we recommend meeting with on a regular basis.

Q. If I am planning on going to physician assistant school, how do I get my clinical hours in?

A. View the PA program admission requirements for further information.

View PA Program Admissions Requirements

Q. When should I plan to take the GRE, PA-CAT, or other required standardized examinations?

A. We suggest taking the test well before admissions deadlines expire since it will take some time for your test results to arrive.

Q. Would this degree suit someone on a pre-med track?

A. This is not the best degree to pursue if you foresee applying to medical school. In such a situation, we would direct you toward the Biomedical Sciences degree.

Q. Is it possible to take the Track II program while enrolled in an associate degree clinical program?

A. Yes; many students get started on the BSHS track II as a dual degree in tandem with an associate degree clinical program.