Bachelor of Science in Nursing

AHU Fall Open House

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Come learn about our programs, meet our faculty, tour our facilities, and have your questions answered. Join us for Open House and receive a voucher to waive your application fee*.

*Undergraduate programs only.

Orlando Open House Info

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm EDT

Denver Open House Info

4:30 pm - 7:00 pm MDT

Now offering evening option in Orlando for Fall 2019! Learn More.


Quick Facts

Degree Level
Bachelor's Degree
Average Admitted GPA
3.41 cognate; 3.55 non-cognate prerequisite (Spring 2017 intake)
Minimum 3.0 cognate and 3.0 non-cognate prerequisite required to apply for Orlando daytime option and Denver, minimum 3.30 for Orlando evening option.
Application Deadline
April 15 (Fall intake, daytime & evening)
August 15 (Spring intake)
Program Start
Fall Trimester (Orlando daytime & evening, Denver)
Spring Trimester (Orlando daytime only)
Admits per Intake
Orlando daytime: 70
Orlando evening: up to 30
Denver: 20

About the Program

The Profession

A nurse’s typical day might consist of performing numerous tasks, and is truly not so typical at all. Nursing is more than administering medication, checking a patient’s blood pressure, or managing their pain. It is a ministry taken to those at their most vulnerable moments: a giving of yourself to meet the needs of others.

The Program

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program will be taught by experienced, qualified nursing faculty. The blended learning format provides easy access to lecture content anytime and helps students practically apply the knowledge gained in the classroom. In the clinical environment, nursing students have access to rotations in all the local Florida Hospital campuses, providing excellent experience with renowned physicians and nurses.

The results are clear.


NCLEX Average Pass Rate, 2019 to date

* Rates based on students' first attempt to pass the exam.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program Outcomes
Graduation Year Students Entering/Graduating Graduation Rate Employment Rate
2017 145/125 86.21% 100%
2018 118/101 85.60% 100%

To get a real sense of the Nursing Program at AHU, you just have to see where it all happens.