Nursing: FAQs

We hope to answer all your questions about the Nursing Program, but if we miss something, contact us!

Q. Do the TEAS test scores have an expiration?

A. The TEAS does not have an expiration date. However, we only accept the TEAS V and ATI TEAS scores. If you have taken a different version you will need to take the ATI TEAS.

Q. How many times can I take the TEAS test?

A. Applicants may take the ATI TEAS three (3) times within 12 months and a minimum of 30 days in between attempts.

Q. What is a cognate course?

A. These are your core courses: math, and the physical and social science courses. These include CHEM101, BIOL101, 102 w/labs, BIOL225, w/lab, MATH103, PSYC128 AND ENGL101.

Q. If I took a higher level of Math can it be transferred in?

A. We require MATH103 Survey of math. If you have taken a higher level of math it may be transferred in and satisfy the math requirement if the course taken is within the 5 year transfer limit.

Q. How many students are accepted each term?

A. We can accept up to 70 students each intake for the Orlando daytime option, up to 30 students for the Orlando evening option, and up to 20 students at our Denver site.

Q. When will I know if I am accepted into the program?

A. A Committee Review is usually scheduled two to three weeks after the deadline for which you have applied. After the Committee Review, admission decisions will be sent to your AHU email.