Master of Occupational Therapy FAQs

We hope to answer all your questions about the Occupational Therapy Program, but if we miss something, contact us!

Q. How long is the MOT program?

A. Our program runs 7 trimesters — or 27 months — long. The last 6 months of the program are spent in a full-time internship.

Q. Will I be able to take classes and work?

A. Some students might be able to work part time while attending an MOT program, but it's recommended students work less than 20 hours per week due to the rigor of the program.

Q. Will classes be online?

A. Classes meet face-to-face.

Q. Is this a bridge program for Occupational Therapy Assistants?

A. OTA's are encouraged to apply, but this is a full-time entry-level master's degree.

Q. Will there be fieldwork experiences?

A. There will be five Level I fieldwork, each one week long. Following classroom-based courses, each student will complete two 3-month internships.

Q. Will I be able to do my fieldwork outside of Orlando?

A. Fieldwork can either occur in Central Florida or elsewhere. AHU has over 300 contracts in and out of state. Students who wish to complete out-of-town rotations will work with the Academic Field Work Coordinator to arrange these experiences.

Q. Is this a program for Practitioners who have a bachelor's degree in Occupational Therapy?

A. No, this is not a post-professional degree program.

Q. What type of bachelor's degree is required?

A. Students with a bachelor's degree in any field may apply to the program. Please refer to the admissions criteria and listed prerequisites.