Healthcare Administration: FAQs

We hope to answer all your questions, but if we miss something, contact us!

Q. What are the prerequisite courses for this program?

A. The prerequisites for the Master of Healthcare Administration program are Principles for Financial Accounting, Principles of Economics, and Principles of Healthcare Finance. These credits must be earned prior to your admission to the MHA program. If you are missing one or more of these courses and hold a conferred Bachelor's degree, you may be eligible to enroll in Post-Baccalaureate Studies to complete the remaining prerequisites.

Q. Does the admission process include an interview?

A. Yes, applicants with complete files will be reviewed and invited for a face-to-face interview at the discretion of the program chair and the admissions committee.

Q. Is there a waiting list for admission?

A. We do not have a waiting list. If applicants are not selected for an interview or granted admittance, they are welcome to reapply.

Q. Must I have an undergraduate degree in business to apply for the program?

A. We do not require a business degree from applicants: Bachelor's degrees conferred in any discipline are honored as long as the prerequisite courses are completed before admission to the Master of Healthcare Administration program.

Q. Do I need to be working as a healthcare professional to apply for the program?

A. We prefer applicants to have at least two years of professional experience in healthcare, although those with less of a background may also be considered. If a student is admitted without this preferred experience, he or she must procure and complete a residency during their final trimester in an applicable field. Clinical professionals with familiarity of a healthcare setting but lacking in management or leadership experience will be also required to complete this residency.

Q. Can I apply for admission if I am currently finishing a Bachelor's degree program?

A. Yes; you will need to supply an updated transcript reflecting your final grades and successful bestowal of your Bachelor's degree before the program begins.

Q. I currently work full time. Will this program accommodate my work schedule?

A. This curriculum is designed for the working professional, with classes conveniently meeting two nights per week and once on Sunday.

Q. Am I required to follow the course sequence plan, or can I deviate from course schedule if I need to?

A. We encourage following our course sequence plan, but classes can be completed at slower pace, if necessary. You will need to speak to your advisor to establish a custom sequence plan if you decide to take fewer courses per trimester.

Q. What is the cost for the program?

A. The tuition is $670 per credit hour. This does not include cost of books and fees.