Physician Assistant: Admissions

Program Requirements

We take great pride in the rigor of our curriculum and our students' thirst for success. Setting the bar high in our program admissions requirements helps maintain those standards from the get-go. All are outlined below for you to begin your application.

Apply to the Physician Assistant Program

  • Submit Application through CASPA

    Submit an application to the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA), accessible through

  • Bachelor's Degree

    Please provide evidence of an earned bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

  • Minimum GPA and Official Transcripts

    We require a 3.00 minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA as well as a cumulative 3.0 science GPA on a 4.00 scale. Please forward official transcripts of all college course work to CASPA per instructions on their website. Transcripts from institutions outside of the U.S. must be evaluated by World Education Services: P.O. Box 5087, New York, N.Y. 10274-5087, 212-966-6311,

  • GRE Results

    Applicants must present results from the past five years of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), including the analytical writing section. Graduate level degree-holding applicants from a regionally accredited institution, master's or doctoral, regardless of major, are exempt from this requirement. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) institution code for AHU's application through CASPA is 6985.

  • Prerequisites and Undergraduate Credit Hours

    Science prerequisites (all must include a lab component)
    Organic Chemistry I, II — 8 credits
    Anatomy and Physiology I, II — 8 credits
    General Microbiology — 4 credits
    TOTAL — 20 credits

    Anatomy and Physiology I & II and General Microbiology should be current within 7 years of matriculation.

    Other prerequisites courses
    General Psychology — 3 credits
    Medical Terminology — 2 credits
    Elementary Statistics — 3 credits
    TOTAL — 8 credits

  • Recommended Experience

    We strongly recommend that applicants present documentation of a least one year — or 2000 hours — of direct patient care experience, including exposure to the PA position. Quality and quantity of patient care hours will be considered on a per-applicant basis. Please provide an updated resume alongside your application, as well. Applicants who undertake the wide breadth of patient responsibilities and demonstrate excellent critical thinking skills are competitive during the consideration process. Examples of preferred clinical experiences:

    • Nurse (LPN or RN)
    • Paramedic/EMT
    • Military medical corpsman
    • Respiratory technologist
    • Radiology technologist
    • Medical assistant (certified with back office hours only)
    • Athletic trainer
    • Occupational therapist

    Other forms and experiences of direct patient care will be critically evaluated for depth and breadth of the experience. Physician and/or PA shadowing is encouraged, but will not be considered direct patient care.

  • Letters of Recommendation

    Please provide us three letters of recommendation. At least one recommendation must arrive from a practicing physician assistant or physician. No more than one letter may come from a professor, and we unfortunately cannot accept statements from personal friends or relatives.

  • English Proficiency

    International applicants must demonstrate English proficiency by providing one of the following:

    • A score or 213 or higher on the computer-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or 550 or higher on the written TOEFL, as well as appropriate evidence of temporary or permanent U.S. residency. These requirements are supplemental to the general education requirements.
    • Successful completion of a bachelor’s degree from an institution where English is the primary language of instruction.
  • Interview

    We offer interviews by invitation only, contacting applicants by phone or letter to arrange a date. Interviews, a required part of the admissions process, are conducted through February. Please understand that meeting our minimum requirements does not guarantee an interview invitation.

  • Student Selection

    The admissions committee will consider the cumulative data collected, strength of the interview, and the applicant's firm and clear commitment to the profession and the program. Due to the competitive nature of our admissions process, meeting the minimum standards does not guarantee admittance.

  • Tuberculosis Screening

    Please produce yearly verifications of completed tuberculosis screening tests. In the event of a positive test result, please refer to the Communicable Disease Policy in the AHU Student Handbook.

  • Immunizations

    Updated verification of the following vaccinations or immunity titer including:

    • Hepatitis B+ (3 vaccine series)
    • Influenza (annually)
    • Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR)
    • Varicella (adequate titer, 2 vaccines, laboratory proof, letter from diagnosing physician, or medical record history of having chickenpox).
    • Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis (Tdap required)
    • Meningococcal vaccine
    • Polio
  • Physical Examination

    Applicants must complete and validate our Physical Examination Form within three months prior to the start of the program.

  • BLS Certification

    Please produce a Certification in Basic Cardiac Life Support for Healthcare Providers provided by the American Heart Association. This certification must be continuously authenticated throughout the program duration.

  • Deposit

    We request that accepted applicants place a nonrefundable $500 deposit to reserve your program slot. Your acceptance letter will outline a deposit amount and deadline indicating when we must receive the deposit. Once enrolled in the program, these funds will be applied to your account. Those who paid the deposit but decline to enroll in the program will forfeit the deposit; if that student is admitted to the same program at a later date, AHU will require another full deposit. If an applicant is admitted to a program with prerequisites in progress and becomes ineligible for admission due to grades, however, a full refund will be provided. A professional program deposit is not transferable to another department.

  • Background Check

    A criminal background check will be conducted upon acceptance into the program. Criminal convictions of any nature may create difficulty placing the student in clinical rotations, as well as potentially resulting in ineligibility for the national board examination and licensing in many states. It is the student’s responsibility to address any such issues and determine the continued viability of their program candidacy. Please refer to NCCPA and Florida Board of Medicine for further information.


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