Providing a Safe and Healthy Environment

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    Alcohol-Free Campus

    AdventHealth University is committed to providing a learning environment that is focused on student success and safety. AdventHealth University believes that the use of alcohol is counterproductive to a successful and safe environment. Therefore, the possession, use, or being under the influence of alcoholic products on any AdventHealth University property or during any University event is strictly prohibited. Failure to abide by the stated policy will result in disciplinary actions.

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    Tobacco-Free Campus

    AdventHealth University (AHU) is committed to the principles of health and healing. Tobacco-related illnesses are a major cause of preventable disease and death. Because of this, AdventHealth University is a tobacco-free environment. The use of tobacco in any form on the University campus or during any school-sponsored activity or event is prohibited; this includes the use of electronic cigarettes.

Substance Use and Abuse

The health risks associated with the inappropriate use of drugs include, but are not limited to, the following: physical and psychological addiction; physical, psychological, and spiritual deterioration; disease; and, possible death.

Drug Policy

AdventHealth University is committed to providing a drug-free learning environment. The manufacture, distribution, possession, or use of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia is strictly prohibited. In addition, the intentional misuse of prescription drugs is considered an infraction of this drug and alcohol policy. By enrolling at AHU, all students agree to submit to random drug testing. In addition, AdventHealth University students and their possessions are subject to search and surveillance at all times while on University property.

All students enrolled at AHU are expected to remain drug free. If at any time a faculty, staff, or administration person has reasonable suspicion or evidence of drug use by a student, he or she may request that a drug and alcohol screening be performed on the student. All random drug tests requested by AHU will be performed at a Florida Hospital Centra Care at a location and time determined by AdventHealth University. Refusal to submit to a drug and/or alcohol test is presumed to be a positive result, and the refusal will be handled in the same manner as any other positive test results.

In addition to the AHU drug and alcohol policy, students enrolled in clinical professional programs are also held to the drug and alcohol standards of their appropriate professional organizations and the healthcare facilities in which they perform clinical services. It is customary for clinical sites to request a drug test prior to a student’s beginning his or her clinical rotation, and students must adhere to such request. If at any time during a student’s clinical experience a clinical faculty or supervising facility has reasonable suspicion or evidence of illegal or inappropriate drug use, the student will be subject to the disciplinary actions outlined by the respective clinical facility, as well as disciplinary actions by AdventHealth University.

Legal Information

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Screening Requirements

AdventHealth University requires all new students to complete a background check, drug screening, and immunization form (see Health and Immunization Requirements) before registering for the first time. This information is needed for participation in Service Learning projects and in clinical settings. The student is responsible for all costs incurred during this process.

Students should refer to for information on how to complete this process. A separate registration hold will be placed for each of the three processes listed above for all students upon acceptance. Each hold will be removed as it is satisfied. Background check reports or drug screening results from other sources will not be accepted.

Only one background check is required per degree for students unless they are not admitted to a professional program within two years of completing the first background check. If it has been more than two years, students will be required to complete a second background check. AdventHealth University alumni from one program will be required to complete a new bacground check, if they pursue another degree.