Library Behavior

R.A. Williams Library resources, services, and facilities are provided to support the academic mission of AdventHealth University.

All users have the right to use the library for academic purposes in an environment that is safe, comfortable, and respectful.

Library staff will act to maintain or restore the quiet academic environment and will address any activity that disturbs others, interferes with library operations, damages the building or its contents, or is inappropriate in a public place.

Users are encouraged to bring any concerns to the attention of library staff. Examples of unacceptable behavior include but are not limited to:

  1. Excessive noise levels that create disturbances or interfere with others’ use of the library;
  2. Loud, disruptive conversations, including shouting;
  3. Use of profane and/or abusive language;
  4. Harassment of others, either verbally or physically. This includes any actions that other users or library staff members perceive to be harassment;
  5. Threatening others, either verbally of physically. This includes any actions that other users or library staff members perceived to be threatening;
  6. Use of alcohol and narcotics. Patrons under the influence of either alcohol or narcotics will not be allowed on the library premises;
  7. Carrying weapons of any kind. This does not apply to law enforcement officers;
  8. Running, climbing, or throwing items;
  9. Indiscriminate pulling of materials from shelves in a manner that disrupts the orderly and proper arrangement of library materials;
  10. Use of MP3 players or other sound producing devices, unless they are used with headphones and the sounds are not audible to others;
  11. Intentionally damaging, destroying, or stealing any library property or property belonging to users or employees;
  12. Excessive displays of affection.

Consequences of Violation of Policy

If a library user is behaving unacceptably, a library staff member will tell the user that he or she violated the policy and ask the user to correct the behavior. Student workers are not to approach users on their own. They should alert a library staff member.

If the behavior continues after a staff member has given the user a warning, the user will be asked to leave the library.

If a library user refuses to leave when asked, or becomes argumentative, the library staff member should contact AHU Security  at Call407-353-4002, and then alert the Student Dean (ext 110-5958).

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