Academic Programs by CIP Code

Academic Programs CIP Code
AS Diagnostic Medical Sonography 51.0910
AS Health Sciences 51.0000
AS Occupational Therapy Assistant 51.0803
AS Radiography 51.0911
BS Biomedical Sciences 26.0102
BS Health Sciences 51.0000
BS Nuclear Medicine Technology 51.0905
BS Nursing 51.3801
Master of Healthcare Administration 51.0701
Master of Occupational Therapy 51.2306
MS Physician Assistant Studies 51.0912
Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice 51.3804
Doctor of Physical Therapy 51.2308
Online BS Healthcare Administration 51.0701
Online BS Imaging Sciences 51.0999
Online BS Nursing (RN-BSN Option) 51.3801
Online MS in Spiritual Care 39.0706
Online MS in Nursing 51.3802
Online Graduate Certificate in Nursing Administration and Leadership 51.3802
Online Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education 51.3802
Online MS in Robotic Surgery 51.1199
Online Executive Master of Healthcare Administration 51.0701
Online MHA in Strategy and Innovation 51.0701
Online MHA/MBA Dual Degree 51.0701
Online Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration 51.0701
Online Certificate - Vascular Interventional Radiography 51.0911
Online Certificate - Magnetic Resonance Imaging 51.0920
Online Certificate - Computed Tomography 51.0911