Refund Policy

Complete refund information is available in our Academic Catalog.

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Refund Policy for Undergraduate, Master of Healthcare Administration, Executive Master of Healthcare Administration, and Graduate General University Students

Refund of tuition will be at 100% for the first seven calendar days of the academic session (e.g. 14 weeks, 7 weeks, etc.) After the seventh calendar day there is no refund of tuition. After the seventh calendar day the Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form must be completed with the required signatures and filed with the Office of the Registrar.

Application fees are non-refundable. Matriculation, lab, and professional fees will be refunded if a student receives 100% refund on all classes for the trimester without incurring any processing fees. Book returns are subject to the AdventHealth University Bookstore return policy.

Students who do not officially complete withdrawal or drop procedures during the tuition refund period will be responsible for the full amount of the applicable tuition and fees.

Refund Policy for Nurse Anesthesia, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant and Physical Therapy

There are no tuition refunds, except for those armed forces veterans for military reservists called to active military duty.

Refund Policy for Maryland Students Taking Online Courses

The state of Maryland requires by law that students residing in that state are provided a refund policy that differs from and replaces the AHU general refund policy and schedule. The Maryland policy applies only to students physically residing in the state of Maryland, taking online courses.