Janice Lowden-Stokley, PhD, RN

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Janice Lowden-Stokley, PhD, RN

Associate Professor, Coordinator of Student Performance and Nursing Research

headshot Office phone: (407)303-7893 Email: Janice.Lowden-Stokley@adu.edu


Dr. Lowden-Stokley, PhD, RN is a faulty member for the Department of Nursing GBSN and RN-MSN programs. She teaches in the Professional Issues and Practicum courses in the GBSN and the Nursing Research course in the RN-MSN program. She is also the Coordinator for Student Performance and Nursing Research. Her clinical nursing practice has included work in the areas of medical-surgical, pediatrics, obstetrical, emergency care, and managed care. Her research interests include spirituality, spiritual care, student performance, evidence based-practice, and woman’s health. She has published her research in peer-reviewed journals and presented at local, national and international professional nursing conferences.