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AdventHealth University grads earn among the highest starting pay in Florida


AdventHealth University’s graduates earn among the highest starting salaries in Florida, according to a recently released listing by Payscale. The private Christian university ranks No. 3 in the state for those with associate’s degrees and No. 19 in the state for those with bachelor’s degrees.

“We are thrilled to learn that AdventHealth University graduates earn among the top starting salaries in the state,” said Dr. Sandra Dunbar-Smalley, AdventHealth University provost. “AdventHealth University students have the privilege of doing many of their clinicals and practicum experiences with world-class health-care professionals at AdventHealth. This provides them with the capabilities that are often beyond entry level and they are sought after, as mission-fit and high-performing employees.”

Graduates of AdventHealth University with associate’s degrees earn a median salary of $55,000 in their first job out of college. Those same alumni go on to make a median mid-career salary of $75,400, with 10 years of experience amassed.

Graduates of AHU with bachelor’s degrees earn a median starting salary of $57,700 and a median mid-career salary of $94,200.

According to a recent Orlando Business Journal article, compensation software and data company Payscale compiles these ongoing lists for the highest-paid alumni on average in each state. The Seattle-based company uses salary data of 3.5 million respondents representing 4,000 colleges and universities across the nation.

Particularly noteworthy: More than 86% of the AHU alumni surveyed indicate they are doing meaningful work.

“We work hard to develop highly skilled workers with uncommon compassion who live the healing values of Christ,” said Dr. Dunbar-Smalley. “We not only teach whole-person patient care, but we embody whole-person care throughout our campus. That makes a difference when graduates seek out careers and find their calling.”

Health care workers are in great demand, with a projected worldwide shortfall of 15 million in the next five to 10 years. Among the most lucrative health care jobs are surgeon, physician, nurse anesthetist, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, healthcare administrator, and physical therapist, according to the 2021 External Healthcare Labor Market Analysis. AdventHealth University, a private Christian university, offers undergraduate, graduate and online degree programs that lead to these careers.

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